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Oh, I’m so sorry.  Did I offend you?

You big fat liar!!!!!

My, my, where are my manners?

Oh, I know, they don’t exist.

Because you’re a friggin’ LIAR!!!

You know you are.

You lie to yourself more than your ex-partner ever lied to you.

But we all do.  I admit it.

We lie, we cheat, and we’d even steal if we have to (not like a car or a diamond ring, but we may steal someone else’s ideas or take credit for parts of their hard work to get ahead and look good).

Just to maintain a certain image of ourselves.


And we purposely deny or forget the part of us that did something we feel guilty about in order to maintain that image we adore, or at least would get tarnished had we admitted the truth.







Have you ever thought or done any of these?

  • Cheated on your partner?
  • Told someone you care about that you were somewhere when you were really doing something else with someone else?
  • Exploded furiously at someone, and that’s not “you” is it? Not at all what you’re about.  But you did it.
  • Bought stuff you really couldn’t afford? Regularly maxed out your credit cards?  “OMG, it’s Christmas for god’s sake!!!“ you told yourself.
  • Ate something you could not resist, even though you already committed to a healthy diet? It almost felt automatic and by the time you realized what you had done, you were already halfway through eating it, or it was completely devoured?  You didn’t even enjoy it that much!  And then the guilt came…and went away.
  • Watching TV or playing games when you were really supposed to focus on your work?
  • Took a day off calling in sick, when you were really fine?
  • Have been putting off that project that could potentially make you a ton of money, and now it’s been years since then?
  • Put something off you should have done but now you have lost that drive? Now you say to yourself “why bother?  It’s never going to happen.  Good things don’t happen to people like me.”
  • Have continually been avoiding someone or doing something?
  • Have an overall negative feeling about yourself that’s been preventing you from trying your best?
  • Held a grudge against someone and never forgave them? And, in turn, it’s always been their fault for the situation (“mess”) you’re in?  As a result, you hold grudges forever…

Feeling uncomfortable? Of course you are!

Because actually you’re a really good person.

But seriously, I’m not going to tell you it’s not your fault, because you did do what you did, didn’t you?

But you’re starting to get sick of the lie, aren’t you?

You’d feel so much better living in the truth.

You just need to get yourself out of the same pattern you’ve been too comfortable with for so long.  Get out of the endless loop and you start to break free!

Ahhh, freedom feels soooooo good!

But it’s so hard, isn’t it? Living out of the lie?

You can’t even remember how you felt before or who you were.

So how do you get out of the habit you’ve been living?

Well, remember how you used to hit your head with the palm of your hand every time you realized you made a mistake?  You were actually on to something…

Meridien tapping, or just plain tapping, has been around for thousands of years.  The Chinese knew about this and used it to help heal themselves, inside and outside.  Look, there’s stuff inside you that you’ve got to get out or it’ll eat you alive!  Old repressed fears, emotions of guilt, feelings of inadequacy, and all kinds of things in you that are weighing you down.   Hey, you think that tired, bloated feeling is just your Thanksgiving dinner?  Hell no, it goes way deeper than that!

When you’re weighed down with all this emotional baggage, you “feel” tired, you “feel” weak, and you may even “feel” defeated!  Now how’s that going to influence you physically, huh?  Yeah, you guessed it.  Tired, old you, barely with enough energy to get through the day, somehow meeting your quota, maybe, and nothing to look forward to today except leaving work to have a greasy fast food meal that helps keep that sluggish, bloated feeling.  Let’s do it again tomorrow!!! Yeah!  Not.

And we’re haven’t even gotten started on your relationships!!!  How’s that going?  How’s your marriage, if you still have one?  What kind of friends are you with?  Because who wants to hang around a person who is heading for self-destruction?

Want an answer to all your problems?  Well, I got something to help you start.  Remember that thing I said about head banging?  No, you don’t need to hurt yourself.  Just do something we call “tapping.”

Tapping can really pull out the source of these emotional issues from the roots.  Add to that my unique techniques for infusing a more powerful, purposeful identity, and you have one freakin’ fearless individual ready to choose his or her own destiny.   But it doesn’t happen overnight.  I believe I can help you but you need to do the work, ten to fifteen minutes a day.  And it’s simple.  I can show you how.  Once you get it, you have it forever.

So if you’re not too afraid to discover that there is another YOU out there, maybe someone you’d prefer to be, maybe having more fun than your “diluted” self, he or she would very much like for you to join them now.

So in the spirit of giving and helping, I want you to have this manual I wrote on the basics of tapping.  I know that if you read it and follow the steps I have outlined, this can be a great tool for you to use anytime, anywhere in order to free yourself from stress, past “loser” mentality, or maybe even help free yourself from some heavy issues that have been burdening you from childhood, such as feelings of anger, jealousy, or abandonment.  Of course, I can make no guarantees, but at least what I am offering you is non-addictive, non-fattening, and potentially great for all areas of your health.

So download it here, NOW.

Crash Course in Tapping Days 1-6 


WHAT?????  You’re still not going to do it?  Look, despite having some really good information in your hands now with this book I’m giving you, I know for a fact that a lot of people won’t even read it.  They get it, they feel happy and positive about this new situation for a second, and then they start to forget.  They leave it aside for a while.  And that becomes days, weeks, even months.  What has changed?  NOTHING!!!  And back to the big fat liar you were!!!  WTF?

Okay, okay, this was me also.  I was that dude that bought a lot of self-help stuff.  I bought it, felt great that I had it.  And then put it aside, forgot about it, occasionally reminded myself about it, but still, left it on the shelf to gather dust.   So because of this, nothing changed.  I just had another tool that could have made a HUGE difference in my life, but was just sitting there being wasted because I couldn’t take the time to get off my ass, put the CD in the player, read the manual and start taking action.  Well, I don’t want that to be you, and I don’t want to give you my course to just for it to be unused!  What good would that do either of us???

So I’ve also made a few videos for you to follow.  You can use the manual and the videos and tap along with me.  That should help you get the basics down!  But I want you to actually do the work, what little you really have to do, I still want you to do it!!!  So I have to charge you a little.  Studies have shown that your chances of actually taking action are greater if you have even a small amount of money invested.  So, I am offering you this addition tool for $19.99.  Not a huge amount at all!  You probably pay that much for dinner most days- and that’s a cheap dinner!  So why don’t you drop that bucket of chicken and start working with me in shaping the future of your life?  Click here

Hey, this world was meant to give you better things.  It wants you to have them.  But you have to want them and be at the same level of energy in order to receive them.


Okay, I hear you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ‘I’m sooooo busy, I don’t have time to do something good for myself.  Uhuh.  Well, do you have at least ten minutes?  I’ll work with you one-on-one!  Why? Because I want you to get better.  I want you to do better and become all those things that you gave up on a long time ago!  There’s no reason why you can’t except because you think you can’t.  And I’ll show you how.

Want one session with me?

You need more help?  After the manual and after all the videos I share, you should have a great foundation to start.  But I know that sometimes even that is still not going to get you to start.  So for this, I am offering you one session, for thirty minutes.  Yes, it’s really me and I can be working with you one-on-one on Skype.  And I will guide you through a tapping session.  I’ll even teach you another trick I use to help me get to the root of the problem even faster.  As I’ve mentioned in my videos and on my manual, it’s not only tapping that is going to get you over your issue.  It’s a bunch of things.  One of those other things I share with you, tailor it to your issue personally.  Maybe that will be the leverage you need to get over the top!  So go ahead, click on the link below for my one time, thirty minute, one-on-one session for $29.95.  I will contact you later to schedule a date and time. (Note: The one-on-one sessions are sold through a different company from the video lessons, so they are sold separately and will show a differently company on the invoice)

number of sessions


Okay, how about –  4 sessions

Oh, you want more?  You realize that maybe one personal lesson is not enough.  Getting some more personal sessions can greatly help.  And I agree.  It helps keep you accountable, changes your state in case you have trouble changing it yourself, and I can be watching you and seeing if there is anything you might be missing.  So I can offer you four more sessions, thirty minutes each, and with a nice discount of $98.  So click on the link below and add this to your cart! (Note: The one-on-one sessions are sold through a different company from the video lessons, so they are sold separately and will show a differently company on the invoice). Just select 4 sessions from the dropdown menu below

number of sessions


Our best value  –  8 sessions for our lowest price (only for a limited number of people)

What???  Give me more, you say?  Alright!  You got it.  The best deal we can give you.  I can only take a certain number of people because of time, so this is the best I got for you!  But I need you to commit to being present, each time, and being in the right state of mind so we can make some HUGE progress with you.  So here it is – 8 thirty-minute sessions for $180 (Note: The one-on-one sessions are sold through a different company from the video lessons, so they are sold separately and will show a differently company on the invoice)  Just select 8 sessions from the dropdown menu below:

number of sessions