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28 Days of Magic #24

Day 24 #28daysofMagicThe power to give begets the power to receive. As large as your pipeline going out is, so is the size of your pipeline coming in. So as you wish the best for another, so shall you receive it in kind. A great Day 24 lesson in flow from The Magic. Thank you Rhonda Byrne! And here are the ten things I’m grateful for today:1) I am so grateful for all the great choices I have […]

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28 Days of Magic #15

Day 15 #28daysofMagicSo is there someone or a number of someones that you haven’t made peace with? Broken relationships can mean broken energy and simply not being able to live your best life. It’s like holding onto a hot coal and wanting to throw it at another – ultimately only you get burned. So how do we mend a relationship, even if it is only on our side? You guessed it! With gratitude. I have my list of […]

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How To Begin Your Personal Development Journey

Do you want to improve yourself? Congratulations! You are on the way to a better you. Check out the below article for some excellent advice on how to begin your journey towards personal development. First, you need to establish some goals to achieve. Want to land your dream job or lose weight? If you do not have any goals, you cannot possibly expect to improve yourself. If you struggle to come up with any goals, read some […]

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