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28 Days of Magic #23

Day 23 #28daysofMagicReally hope you are enjoying these exercises from Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic. I don’t think we have thought about it enough, but our existence is such an amazing miracle. I mean, just think about all the conditions that were needed to create this whole surface of the planet. Throw us just a little closer to the sun and we could be scorched; change the amount of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon in the air, and perhaps […]

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28 Days of Magic #14

Day 14 #28daysofMagicSo this is Day 14 of Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic, and we are halfway there! I am so grateful for those who have been following me from the beginning. Do you believe you can influence how your day goes before it happens? We often have some plan for how we hope the day will go by making a list of things to do. If we can take care of the things we planned, we should […]

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