Have we forgotten about The Law of Attraction again?

I think we love to forget in order to remember again.  We need that freshness of finding something new, even though it isn’t.  But it looks that way.  So something even as powerful and exciting as The Law of Attraction as you first “discovered” it in the movie The Secret, has maybe lost its sexiness.  And now, you maybe need a little spiritual Viagra to get it back up?

Do you remember what The Law of Attraction can do for you?  How you could be, do, and have anything you want?  Remember?  Remember?  What happened?

Or rather, what happened to you?  The Law of Attraction is still there, as old as time itself, maybe older.  So what happened to you that you would lose interest in one of the most powerful forces of the Universe? Not good enough for you?  Or maybe you underperformed at bit?

You probably thought you gave up, didn’t you?  Well, no, The Law of Attraction follows you around and brings with it all that you feel.  So if you felt discouraged and went back to your old routine, didn’t you get the same stuff as you always do?  Voila!  Law of Attraction in action! See, you’ve mastered it already.  Bye bye.  Take care now.

What?  Not happy with what I’ve just said?  You already have the answer.  You know how to do this.  FEEL BETTER, get better results.  See your life better, get better results.  Do better stuff, get better results.  Too hard?  Or too easy?   Why don’t you get that copy of The Secret out again, watch it another ninety-nine times, and then smack yourself on the head and say, “Oh shit, I already knew that!”  And then BE it.

You already know.  So stop blocking yourself.

Really, bye bye for now.

One of the shortest articles I’ve ever written.  Hmm, that feels good!