Markham NakagawaI’m Markham Nakagawa and I am so glad you have come to my site.

You know, it happens to a lot of people. If you’ve fallen into the trap of living a life that you no longer recognize as your own, or even like that much, then maybe it’s time to make some changes. Even a small change today can have a profound impact on your life tomorrow. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! You may just have to reinflate your tires or add a little oil to make the wheels turn smoothly. One thing I know for sure, the sooner we take care of this, the better you are going to feel. This site is for you if you say yes to any of these questions:

Do you feel like you’re just running in circles doing the same thing day after day?

Do you just feel “heavy” and can’t explain why and the pressure is starting to build?

Do you find yourself searching for a way out, or an excuse out, of what you’re doing (at work, in a relationship, being invited out with friends, or just the way you’re living life)?

Do you watch a lot of TV and later find that to be “empty hours” spent that you can never get back?

Are you broke (financially, emotionally, physically)?

Do you find yourself more tired than before?

Would you like to find something that you can feel excited about?

Markham NakagawaWell, I’ve been there (otherwise how would I know what questions to ask you?). It’s not fun. But we can get you back to a place where you’re having fun, feeling good, and most of all, liking yourself again! Are you with me?

But first, I have to tell you my “policy”. I will be as honest and straightforward as I possibly can be. I sometimes swear. I’ve made many mistakes (which has led me to know how not to make them again), but I also make new ones all the time and learn from them. I am sincere, and I truly want to help, but the most important thing about all of this is I am in charge of my life, and you are in charge of yours. So where you are and how you feel has and always will be the result of your choices and actions. If you don’t believe in this last part, you will forever find yourself being the “victim” of someone else’s actions and you will never have control over your life. And being able to have control over the things you can and letting go of the things you cannot will most likely be the key to being happy for you, whether you realize it now or not.

The good news is you can get started right now. And change only requires a brief instant of time and a shift in thinking to spark its start. So if that suits you, welcome aboard! We love having you here in our family!!!

About Me

As kids, my parents grew up knowing war. For my mom, running and hiding from incendiary bombs in Japan and preparing for escapes was pretty normal. For my dad, who was born in California, of Japanese ancestry, running from the local kids throwing rocks at him was normal. Then, when my grandmother sent him off to Hiroshima to study and learn the Japanese language and culture, he was witness to one of the most devastating instances of man-made death that has occurred on this planet so far. For a while, probably an eternity to a couple of early teens, surviving any way they could through a living hell was normal.

Having gone through all of that, and then later both of them coming to the US with all the hate sentiment surround Japanese Americans, not sticking out like a sore thumb was not only a wise move at that time but probably a welcome relief from the stressful life they had once experienced.

Markham NakagawaSo you could imagine how I grew up in a pretty typical, predominantly white, Midwestern town outside of Chicago, Illinois. I already stood out as one of the few Asian kids in school. For nearly all my life, I wanted to just live under the radar and not be known or seen. I figured if I just got by and lived a fairly unknown existence, I would be alright. Well, I’m still not looking to stand in the spotlight, but I discovered if I ever wanted to realize my full potential, I had to put myself out there once in a while and be willing to be vulnerable in order to grow. I discovered that I took satisfaction in being able to help someone else. It required me to do things, like not look the other way, or stand out from the crowd sometimes to make an effort to help. It could often require me to find myself in my own discomfort or share in someone else’s. Sometimes it was giving a box lunch to a homeless person, sometimes it was telling a sad little boy or girl how amazing they were and that if they kept on dreaming, they could be anything they wanted. There were also times I would see a person hurting and I would just sit with them while they figured things out, or show them how I solved a particular issue.

Throughout these experiences, I realized there was lying dormant inside, the real ME just trying to come out and be who I was born to be. In my daydreams, this ME was someone I had always admired and wanted to be, kind of a hero. The “me” that was living this life was just a small portion of that person inside. The rest was mainly the product of the good intentions and opinions of other people. But it was also a product of their fears and doubts. It was never really ME.

My journey through personal development began when my wife found some audio cassettes at the library by Deepak Chopra and another by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This liberated inside of me a whole new way of thinking and living. I realized I am most powerful when I am connected to my true self, and it moves in alignment with the “me” that I see in the mirror. I began to be greatly influenced by these great thinkers and it changed my life. And in time, as if by magic, others appeared before me, neighbors, business partners, and friends, all in harmony with this newfound way of feeling. It is true, when the student is ready, the teacher, or teachers, will appear.

So if you are ready, let’s get you into that place where you begin to attract the people, places and events you’ve always desired to be in. You will be amazed at what happens next!