28 Days of Magic #9

Day 9 #28daysofMagic

I really hope a lot of you are joining us (and enjoying with us) on this 28 day practice of real manifestation based on the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. So for this Day 9 exercise, we’re still dealing with money issues. You know, even if you’re not saying it, but still thinking negatively about money issues, you can neutralize a lot of good work. We have to change how we say, feel and think about the subject of money in all aspects or we aren’t opening the door for more of it to arrive. That includes money going out. Even for our bills, they served a purpose, helped us, from the gas and electric bill, to our credit cards we used to make a purchase, and even our mortgage, we are grateful for their help in obtaining something. So today, we see those bills for what they are, symbols of prosperity which we are more than happy to pay because we easily can. The money will be there, and more, when we feel good about the process.
Day 9 #28daysofMagic
1) I am so grateful for the gas and electric provided for my family that gives me hot water, lights, energy to run my electronics. They all serve to help me be comfortable in my home.
2) I am so grateful that I get to live in an apartment in a foreign country. I also get a great view of the night fireworks at Tokyo Disneyland almost every night.
3) I am so happy that I have been given the trust to get all kinds of services and products ahead of time and later pay them back. Thank you banks for your trust in me. 
4) I am so happy that I always have enough to pay my bills on time. It is a promise I keep and am happy to fulfill.
5) I appreciate the value of service and products. They provide me with great help in living a good life as well as helping achieve my goals.
6) I am grateful that I am able to add value to my community and the people in it. I am appreciated and valued, and that shows in my wealth, health and happiness.
7) I am so grateful for the way money is used in order to increase value. A good portion of my money is used to help feed and house people, provide for public facilities and educate so that others can learn to add value as well.
8) I am so grateful that I get to keep The Law of Giving and Receiving going. The more I practice this, the bigger the flow becomes and the more I can give and receive!
9) I am so grateful that I can find new opportunities to spend and invest my money. I love to support new businesses because I feel like I am helping expand the economy and helping to increase someone else’s wealth.
10) I am so grateful for monthly subscriptions and monthly auto ship orders. They keep me up to date on news, technology, finances as well as make sure I am well stocked with items I need.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!