28 Days of Magic #8

Day 8 #28daysofMagic

So Day 8 of The Magic is about the food we eat. Do you have an appreciation for the food you eat, or do you just scarf it down? Do you eat in ten minutes what it took over 30 minutes to prepare? Do you appreciate how all these systems for growing, processing, transporting and selling the food you have has been thought out, and all the labor that has been put into it? Have you given appreciation to the plants and animals that have helped make you stronger and (hopefully) healthier? Whatever you eat, I assume it came from this Earth. Did you give thanks? Just as you feel better when you are appreciated, even work better, maybe even are a more pleasant person to be with, what would it be like if you gave gratitude to the food you eat? Maybe that good energy will fill you up and produce something amazing in you. I was raised Buddhist, and as a child, I used to give thanks to the meal I was about to eat. Somewhere along the way, I forgot, and I took this part of my life for granted. Just like in this 28 day exercise we have been giving thanks to people, circumstances and opportunities, why aren’t we also giving thanks for the fuel we put into our bodies that is to become a part of ourselves. It may make a huge difference!
So, here we go with my gratitude list:
Day 8 #28daysofMagic
1) I am so grateful that every day I am able to eat three meals a day, and have snacks and drinks anytime I feel the need to.
2) I am so grateful that the food I eat provides me with the energy to create new things and help others.
3) I am so grateful that we have a system that makes food so easily available. So much variety from so many places near and far.
4) I am so grateful for the plants and animals that have sacrificed themselves for my benefit. I gratefully accept their life force and become one with them for the purpose of co-creating new and wondrous things.
5) I am so grateful for being able to taste the combinations of foods and spices and oils that make up a delicious meal. I, more than ever, appreciate the tastes of sweet, bitter, sour, spicy, salty. 
6) I really appreciate and am grateful for the hard work and tireless effort of everyone that has had anything to do with putting food on my plate. My thanks to you for making this happen!
7) I am so grateful for my parents, who went above and beyond to make sure that me and my siblings never went hungry.
8) I am so grateful for the clean water that I have access to. 
9) I am so grateful for living in a country that has so many types of food in addition to Japanese food. I’m also grateful for living near Tokyo Bay, and having access to many varieties of fresh seafood.
10) I am grateful for food being my main source of “medicine”. I am grateful for it providing me with such good health over the years.