28 Days of Magic #7

It’s Day 7 of The Magic! #28daysofMagic
Sorry, this is a long post (but aren’t all my posts?). In this day and age, not too many people have the patience to read anymore. Everything has to be two lines or less. Well, this isn’t two lines! But I hope there is plenty of value in this for you to benefit from. As you’ve found out, there are usually two exercises each day in the book, The Magic, one that has been the same since Day 1 (writing down ten things you are grateful for that day) plus that day’s specific exercise. Day Seven’s specific exercise is similar to the daily exercise, but this time we are focusing on one issue/problem that you are facing that you really want to resolve. And we do that is by expressing gratitude for that situation you are in and addressing what it really has meant and how you have benefited from it. So instead of putting up my daily list of ten things I am grateful for (which I am still doing, but putting up somewhere else today), I thought I’d put up my list of gratitude for the current issue that I am working on. My situation here is that I am self-employed, but not realizing the huge success quite yet that I want this work to result in. One thing that can often run through one’s mind when nothing looks like it’s happening, and your funds are running out is that overpowering feeling of desperation when you feel like caving in and looking for any type of work that you can get ASAP. It’s tough, very tough. Some great people who have tried to give me what they felt is good advice, with the most helpful of intentions, have suggested I needed to be a certain way. For example, I needed to focus on my image, present myself as some kind of rock star guru so I will attract lots and lots of people to my website. It has made sense for so many people, so I’ve tried this for a while but I have found this to be rather difficult for me, and somewhat not feeling it was right for me. Also I think I’ve taken some things for granted, and by not appreciating them and just seeing them as ordinary, or even less than ordinary, I diminish their power. Hence, little to no results. Then I found a video interview by a man named Chip Conley, who started a very successful boutique hotel business. He later gave up his company (He didn’t want to do it anymore – after being pronounced dead nine times, I’d probably have some new goals, too!), but eventually was convinced to become the mentor to the three founders of AirBNB. As his role drastically changed from being the CEO of his own company, to an advisor, as well as moving into midlife, into his fifties, he saw the significance of his role changing from trying to be the “all-star” which I think many people younger than myself are striving to be, to being the observer and nurturer. He pointed out that at that stage, it became less important for him to be “interesting to others” and more important to be “interested in others”. I think that’s the big role that fits me now, is to help others by listening and trying to help by seeing some of the patterns that I have gone through and providing my help that way. But it’s taken a bit of time for me to see that. Anyway, some of you can maybe relate to today’s list:
Day 7 #28daysofMagic (The Magical Way Out of Negativity – being in business for myself, but worrying over not seeing the results yet)
1) I am so grateful that I have the luxury of facing the unique types of challenges I get to solve. It means that I have the power and resourcefulness to succeed!
2) I am so grateful for this business opportunity that allows me to use what has been uniquely given to me to help others become better.
3) I am so grateful for the time to work out my problems and work on myself in order to transform into what I need to be to make this work so very well!
4) I am so grateful that I have been able to face my fears, understand them, and work with them in order to begin thriving again!
5) I am so grateful that we had prepared financially for unforeseen events like this. It reminds me that we sow the seeds of abundance now for a better future.
6) I am so grateful that this is work I can do anytime, anywhere, even when I travel to various countries and go on vacations.
7) I am so grateful that this work is also what I believe to be my “life’s work” and as I grow as a person, the quality of my work grows as well.
8) I am so grateful that I get to meet so many different people, with different personalities, different ways of thinking, from different places, and even at different stages of their lives.
9) I am so grateful that this is a never-ending learning experience, and I transform again and again. Tomorrow will bring a different me!
10) I am also so grateful that this work allows me to align myself with other related types of businesses in order to add multiple streams of income and value to others.