28 Days of Magic #6

So today’s lesson from the book, The Magic, is about work. Whether you like your work or are not so crazy about it – you guessed it, appreciating all those moments you can find that serve you will either make your work better, or if you are seeking something new, help you find that new job. No doubt enthusiasm for your work helps create something of value. People pay for value, right? So if you create and add value, there’s got to be someone out there that is willing to pay for your work. You may not have to LOVE your job, but to be appreciative of things in your job may, for example, make that work more tolerable, allow you to find something about it that you like, make someone with more authority notice that you are good at a particular task and possibly lead to new jobs that you may like more. At least, you will know yourself more and see what you like most about what you do from 9 to 5, and will help you see what options and opportunities can be open to you. So, let’s find the good in our work! I’m not going to put up my list here, but I hope you will find it useful for yourself to do this 28 day practice. And, of course, we will continue to find ten things we are grateful in our daily life. What I am grateful for today is:
Day 6 #28daysofMagic
1) I am so grateful for the freedom I have given myself to choose what I want to do, where I want to do it and how to express what’s in my heart.
2) I am so grateful for the results I am seeing from this 28 day exercise. I have received so many warm and encouraging comments. I know this is right, and can be right for so many others.
3) I am so grateful for finding various ways to help others. Tapping, meditation, new diets, new ways of exercising, and even just listening to others with an open mind and heart, I help others heal and help them find their true purpose and passions.
4) I am so grateful for the wonderful people I met yesterday at a workshop. They are all working towards finding their purpose and I love their enthusiasm and drive at finding the “it” for themselves.
5) I am so grateful for my ability to help others. Not only monetarily, I can donate my time, my energy, my ability to listen and heal. 
6) I am so grateful for the teachers that have come my way. When the student is ready, the right teacher does appear at the right time.
7) I am so grateful to realize and work on my deficiencies. They are not permanent, but now I am able to ask humbly for help. And again, the right teacher always comes at the right time.
8) Even though I may not have realized it in the past, I am now so grateful for all the work I have received since my first ever job. I have gained valuable experiences, been faced with all kinds of challenges and opportunities to think and grow.
9) I am so grateful to use my age together with what I consider my youthful attitude. Whatever wisdom I have gained, I love to combine it with new ideas, or even put a new spin on some old ones to make them better.
10) I am so grateful to have a home base to come home to every day. Whatever the day brings for me, there is always a place I feel so warm and welcome!