28 Days of Magic #4

I can remember a few years back when I had a big choking attack. I was gasping for air and could not find a way to get any air into my lungs. I thought that this could really be my last day. But a voice, my voice (somehow I knew it was me) kept telling me that it will be okay. This wasn’t the day I would die – even if it were, it’s not even near the end of anything for me. But still, this was not the day, and I was told (was telling myself) that I needed to take better care of myself.

In this world, without good health, many may find life can be miserable, challenging, painful and frustrating. So I’m being grateful for all the health and what it provides me today. The gift of health is keeping me alive (and thriving)!

Again, if you have not picked up a copy of The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (not The Secret), get a copy and do this exercise with me! See what happens after 28 days. Doubt very much if you will regret it!
Here we go!
Day 4 #28daysofMagic
1. I am so grateful for the health that has been given to me, providing me each day with the vehicle to meet others, to learn, to make mistakes, to enjoy and to see new things as they are.
2. I am so grateful for my eyes that provide me with all the colors and wonderful sites that have been co-created by Mother Nature, and by everyone.
3. I am so grateful for the gift of hearing which provides me with beautiful music, the voices of laughter, sounds of joy.
4. I am so grateful for the gift of touch letting me feel everything (that I am allowed to) feel on Earth. Hot, cold, smooth, rough, soft, sandy, etc. It allows me to feel “real”. 
5. I am so grateful for the gift of smell that allows me to smell the delicious anticipation of fresh baked bread at the bakery I go to every Tuesday morning. I love the smell of citrus, of grilled foods all around Urayasu Station and the distant hint of perfume in the air from traveling commuters.
6. I am so grateful for the gift of taste, and all the wonderful foods that I have had the pleasure of trying. Maybe I don’t eat them as much anymore, but I remember how they are! I have also been able to appreciate the crispness and flavors of fresh vegetables and fruits in season.
7. I am so grateful for my legs, and even though I have put them through a lot over the years, they are carrying me everywhere around Japan, allowing me to see awesome sites and scenery. I look forward to my ITB bands healing and giving me even more of my power back.
8. I am so grateful for my arms and hands, which help stabilize me when I am standing on the train with hundreds of people pushing up against me. They also help support my 15 kilo backpack (15 kilos of books and equipment in case you’re wondering).
9. I am so grateful for my back, it is my base, as well as my abs, and I have been working on making them stronger these days. They carry the load of all the backpacks, suitcases, and boxes I have lifted and carried throughout all these years.
10. I am so grateful for my brain! It’s still working and providing me with guidance to move my body, think, reason, question and resolve. So glad you’ve come out of your brain fog, thanks in part to healthier eating, exercise, and this new hemp oil I’ve been taking. Great stuff!