28 Days of Magic #3

I have a few friends that said they would participate with me, but I have not seen anything from them yet. Hmm. Oh well. Indeed, posting on my page of this 28 day practice is for me, but if everyone would just put aside their judgement and try the same exercise on their pages, they would also begin to see the magic all around them. It’s not too late! Why not give it a shot? Again hashtag #28daysofMagic

Day 3 is here! I’ve done the other exercise in the book, here’s what I’ve promised to post each day:

Day 3 #28daysofMagic
1) I am so very grateful for meeting the right people at the right time to help me on my journey. It never fails!
2) I am so grateful for rediscovering the most powerful law of the Universe, The Law of Attraction. With gratitude and genuine feelings of joy, I attract exactly what I need.
3) I am so grateful to be able to spend so much time with my wife. Self-employment and working at home has provided this.
4) I am also very grateful for deciding to create my own way of life and livelihood! The freedom it gives me is liberating and powerful!
5) I am so excited that the 2020 Summer Olympics are coming to Tokyo. What an exciting time!
6) I am so grateful for all the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my life. They have been valuable lessons making me the person that I am.
7) I am very thankful for good health and physically being able to do most everything I want to. I keep getting stronger and stronger.
8) I am also grateful for my strong will and determination to discover and take the path of that which I AM. I was born to do this!
9) I am so grateful that this winter I have not had to wear my heavy down coat. The weather in Tokyo has been pretty great!
10) I am so grateful that my gym is so close. It ensures I go consistently, rain or shine.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!