28 Days of Magic #26

Day 26 #28daysofMagic
So we are now at Day 26 of Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic. Have you ever felt like you suffered from a big mistake or a loss, and you can’t help but feel like you never recovered from it? You have to believe that there is a reason for it, something positive to gain otherwise it will forever hold you back from obtaining something else that may be of even greater value. So today, we reflect and neutralize that negative feeling we’ve been feeling for that loss we thought we had suffered by reflecting on all the benefits that actually occurred due to that incident. My personal issue is this nagging feeling of regret that I did not move fast enough and did not pay enough attention to realize that I was about to lose all of my wife and my hard earned savings on an investment. In addition, we had lost all of the gains we had put that money in which would have kept us comfortable for many years. I had also mentioned this investment opportunity to my friends, and they mentioned it to their friends, all of which ultimately lost some money from it. So let’s begin seeing this for what I really gained from it. Because, as an old Japanese proverb says, fall down seven times, get up eight (you can’t really get up eight times from seven, but I think you get the meaning, right?). And I put up this list for everyone to see hopefully to benefit from this example, and I have my gratitude list somewhere else today.
1) I see the loss of my investment as a blessing in disguise, as it was slowly taking me away from my true sense of purpose. I had stopped doing the things that inspired me. I watched my bank account and worried more about loss, more than taking time to reflect on what I appreciated. And when you focus on scarcity, you get scarcity. So thank you for allowing me to refocus on service, and abundance.
2) I am grateful for the experience of being able to see my investment grow to such enormous levels. I now see that there are many, many different ways to make money. And they can all work. So this has greatly changed and broadened my knowledge for building wealth.
3) I see this also as being able to provide an excellent example of overcoming loss that really didn’t physically harm anyone. Sure it was money, but that is something we are beginning to recover from, and we have actually become healthier and more conscious of taking care of ourselves from this incident. I have moved away from diabetes type 2, and we are both exercising on a regular basis.
4) I am so grateful to see that my friends who got involved in this investment are still my friends. Our caring for each other goes way deeper than money!
5) I have also gotten much smarter from this example. I am more aware and am able to see any patterns that may affect the health of my investments now and in the future.
6) This has been a great challenge in taking me to a limit that I now know I can handle. A life lived well has balance, and anything you can handle on one end, you can handle on the other end as well. So now we can move back to more abundance and adding a higher level of service to others.
7) I am grateful now to be able to work on so many meaningful projects that can really help a lot of people both physically, financially, mentally and spiritually. What better work could I do than to be of service to others?
8) I am so grateful that this test was a great success in my marriage. We had been through what seemed very hard times, but no matter what, we truly have each other. 
9) I have gained so many new opportunities by going out and meeting new people. I have learned about ecommerce, the print on demand business, blogging, finding hemp oil which has done some amazing things for my health as well as beginning another new business. There seems to be a never ending supply of new opportunities out there, all of which can be successful.
10) I join an elite club of people who have had some great loss only to find something better. The Universe just wanted to clear the path so I could focus my attention of much bigger things!