28 Days of Magic #25

Day 25 #28daysofMagic
Do you ever get the feeling that there are signs meant for you all around you? Do you really think that those from the past, or the powers of the Universe would ever abandon you and leave you high and dry? No way! You are the end result of billions and billions of years of events and hard work and more than a coincidence of things coming together. There is way too much invested in you to fail! So why would you think you’re all alone? Why wouldn’t you believe that you were destined to succeed in what you wanted to do? If you were always guided by the “higher answers” and moved accordingly, do you think you would ultimately fail or succeed? Maybe you won’t be given the answers outright like some book you can read, because you already have the wisdom to know, but look around you. Did that person really say that? Did that sign I just passed by really say that? Wow, that song playing on the car radio! It was like it was meant for me! Because yes, it was. Day 25’s exercise is a great lesson in observation, reminding you to be aware of all the help around you. You are not alone. And when those signs appear, it’s the perfect time to feel gratitude for what you desire, for it will be here now. And here are my ten things I am grateful for today:
1) I am so grateful that the signs told me to stay at home today. There was so much to be done at home and also spend some time with my wife. This day was meant to be spent this way.
2) I am so grateful that a person that had brought me great success in the recent past has reappeared in my life to once again show me another opportunity. 
3) I am so grateful that the signs for me to stay the course and never lose my integrity appeared to me yesterday. 
4) I am so excited and grateful that every day as I take my walks to new areas, I see people, places and things that have great significance to something I am thinking about or are in the process of doing. This cannot be sheer coincidence!
5) I am so grateful that after searching for answers to the brain issues I had been having, after trying different healthy diets and exercising, the last piece of the puzzle just happened to be found on a post I saw on Facebook for a Meetup. When I went there, I found what turned out be the additional piece that seems to have made my mind clearer and back to its creative, healthy self.
6) I am so very grateful that the answer to my problem above (#5) looks to also be the answer to my wife’s panic attack issues. It has given us both a sense of peace and security.
7) I am so grateful that the three businesses I am working on building are all related by coincidence. They did not start with that in mind. They were all started independently by being provided with opportunities from other people. But they can all work in unison with each other, and as each grows, it can help grow the other businesses.
8) I am so grateful to be in a position to help others. It may not be in money or assets, but I help in time, advice, energy, or something else that will serve them.
9) I am so grateful for my mornings and my late nights where it is quiet and I have time to take a bird’s eye view of the day and what needs to be achieved.
10) I am so grateful for new connections I make every day. As I get to know each and every one, I realize why we have crossed paths on our journeys through life.