28 Days of Magic #24

Day 24 #28daysofMagic
The power to give begets the power to receive. As large as your pipeline going out is, so is the size of your pipeline coming in. So as you wish the best for another, so shall you receive it in kind. A great Day 24 lesson in flow from The Magic. Thank you Rhonda Byrne! And here are the ten things I’m grateful for today:
1) I am so grateful for all the great choices I have made or others have made for me. They have steered me in the best direction they know possible. Everyone has tried to do their best, with what they know and what they have.
2) I am so grateful for the unexpected spirit fair I came across today. The energy of the room recharged me down to my soul!
3) I am so grateful for the tarot card reading I received today. Such appropriate cards appearing at the right time in my life.
4) I am so grateful for my continued growth and ability to talk to others from the heart. It had been hidden for a while, but it’s the right time to return and connect.
5) I am so grateful to be in study mode again. The brain is clear, the student is ready and now the teachers are appearing from everywhere.
6) I am so grateful for my day journeys. Small little trips to new sights, new people, new things to stimulate my brain!
7) I am so grateful for this 24th day of the 28 Days. There has been such valuable insight and reflection into my life. It’s as if years of past issues are resolving themselves so quickly! And now there’s so much room for growth and fulfillment!
8) I am so excited and grateful that the fun in life is here and more is coming!
9) I am so grateful that the best things in life are simple. You need not have a Phd or be a Nobel Prize recipient to figure out how to be happy and fulfilled. 
10) I am so grateful for seeing that baby on the train. Could be the greatest teacher I ever met, wise little bald guy! Whatever his future holds, he now has the ultimate secret we all desire and wish to return to. I love the refresher course in Joy101. Thank you wise master!