28 Days of Magic #23

Day 23 #28daysofMagic
Really hope you are enjoying these exercises from Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic. I don’t think we have thought about it enough, but our existence is such an amazing miracle. I mean, just think about all the conditions that were needed to create this whole surface of the planet. Throw us just a little closer to the sun and we could be scorched; change the amount of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon in the air, and perhaps we don’t exist at all. We all live in a delicate balance. I wish we were more appreciative of this and made more conscious efforts to ensure that we can continue to. Of course, they say our sun will expand into a red giant and scorch or incinerate the Earth in a few hundred million years and then we won’t be able to live here anymore. That’s not up to us, but whatever time we have here, it would be wise to appreciate it, respect it, and do things to sustain its health. All a series of delicate balances, timed perfectly to occur right now, on this planet including the atmosphere and the air we breathe. And after going through some respiratory ailments as a child where I had to stay at home from school for a while, to literally choking twice recently and thinking that this might just be the end for me, I can certainly appreciate a nice breath of air. We can’t live without one for very long, can we? So for Day 23’s exercise, we focus our appreciation on the air we breathe. And as always, here are the ten things I found gratitude for today:
1) I am so grateful for the magical air that fills my lungs, feeds every cell in my body with oxygen, and breathes out carbon dioxide which helps plants grow and thrive. 
2) I am so grateful that I still breathe, that the choking incidents I had were reminders that I need to focus more on my health and with that be, do, and share more things that will help others live a good life. 
3) I am so grateful to be right in the middle of this delicate balance of nature called Earth. What an amazing phenomenon we exist in!
4) I am so grateful for our sun being in the right stage of its cycle and the right distance to warm us, provide us with energy and light, and give us an occasional tan!
5) I am so grateful that we can be grateful for anything, from the biggest things like appreciating the Earth, to little things like appreciating our favorite song coming on at the most perfect time. It’s all positive energy coming together!
6) I am so grateful that we can create our own realities and therefore, our own opportunities. We can even take old ideas and give them a bit of a new spin to create something completely different and innovative.
7) I am so grateful that this exercise in manifesting The Magic has brought me together with the most wonderful and encouraging people. Mitakuye oyasin (we are all connected – ancient Lakota saying).
8) #7 reminds me that I am so grateful for meeting you many years ago, Vernon Foster. Don’t know where you are right now, but the sweat lodge at your home near Sedona opened my eyes to so many new things. I felt fear, tremendous discomfort, panic, resolve, courage and peace all in one ceremony. Such a journey in such a relatively short amount of time.
9) I am so grateful for today’s epiphanies, small ones, yet just as meaningful.
10) I am so grateful for being here, now, where I am. I may have repeated this, but this is so awesome to be here with so many people, trying to do all kinds of things. So much activity and so many dreams. There is never nothing going on.