28 Days of Magic #22

Day 22 #28daysofMagic
So now we are at Day 22 of The Magic. Hopefully at least by now you realize that we are far more powerful than we may even realize. We just need to tap into our inner resources. Thoughts and feelings will connect us to the energy that is needed to make what we desire to come true. In addition using our mental state of time, as if it already happened, seals the manifestation and will eventually appear in our reality. So Day 22 exercise is putting it all together with your list of ten desires. Hope you have fun with this! Here are my ten things I am grateful for today:
1) Today I thought of my aunt. Thank you, Michi-obasan, for not just talking, but living your life as an example of what pure fulfillment and joy are all about. You never looked back and you always saw beyond the superficial and always focused on the ultimate purpose of your life.
2) I am so grateful for all the leaders that have come before us, sometimes failing, but always succeeding in the end to show us that true purpose can never be extinguished.
3) I am so grateful for the reserves we hold that have kept us going up to now, and for a little while longer. We made the right decisions in the past that have led us here.
4) I am so grateful to Haydn for showing me another investment tool that is making him profit. I am grateful for his sharing of this opportunity and am excited to get involved.
5) I am so grateful for my team and the hemp oil product that we are introducing to the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and Canada this year. This product has helped me clear all the fog from my head and regained clarity for me. I look forward to seeing how it helps many others heal naturally.
6) I am so grateful that every moment in our life is never wasted. Whatever we face, we were meant to and it all leads up to great meaning and purpose.
7) I am so grateful that I have the privilege of helping my friend John while he sorts through all the wonderful issues of his life. He deserves to live a great life, bigger and bolder, with much more fulfillment.
8) I am so grateful to be able to help my brother as he works through recovery of his stroke. I see his healing and see how he is fulfilling his grand purpose.
9) I am so grateful for reconnecting with Sato-san today. I am glad I had the chance to catch up.
10) I am so grateful that today brought me to an unexpected place in Tokyo, where I was surrounded by the wonderful sights, sounds and colors of nature. What a refreshing experience!