28 Days of Magic #21

Day 21 #28daysofMagic
Welcome to Day 21 of The Magic! I know some are still just watching and observing and still there’s a bit of skepticism running through their heads. I’m not here to sell you on doing the exercises. However, not doing them, or at least not trying them, only limits your awareness from knowing what you could possibly be able to do more of. You don’t know what you don’t know. But is that any way to reach your fullest? We all know we need to stretch a little beyond our current limits in order to be stronger, smarter, achieve more. You know, someone recently mocked me and told me that they were more “reality-based” and that I should get my head out of the clouds. But as Abraham/Esther Hicks once said “reality based” means nothing else than what you can “see” come into your life. And we all know that if we merely just used our sense of sight, we’d be missing out on probably ninety percent of everything else that’s going on in the world. We delete more of reality than we take in. And so most of us aren’t seeing the whole picture anyway. How do you really know what’s possible and what’s not? Again, it’s up to you. I wasn’t a very good student of karate, but my sensei taught me that if I wanted to break boards, I had to have vision past the boards themselves, or else I may fall short of my full power. A lot of people want more money, and they feel that they need to make money as the prize for their efforts. Perhaps we fall short when we attempt this because what we really need to do is have a vision beyond the money. What does the money actually provide you with? Freedom? Fulfillment? Joy? Perhaps we need to aim for those, and the other things will tag along, things like money. Just saying. I will be transferring all the days I’ve posted up to now and until Day 28 on my blog, markhamnakagawa.com in a few days. You’ll be able to reference any of them when you want, if you want. For the Day 21 exercise, I’ve chosen my three expected and three unexpected situations, and have seen, felt and literally put myself into the positive outcomes I desire to see. But that’s safely stored in my private notes. Here are my ten gratitudes for the day:
1) I am so grateful for feeling great after my morning walk. The world is awake and moving about to make this a much better place.
2) I am so grateful for being able to reach people via social media. To be able to reach hundreds of like-minded people in a matter of seconds still amazes me!
3) I am so grateful for the easy access of information. My research today only took me minutes instead of hours to find the answers I seek.
4) I am so grateful for the reminders that I am, for now, human but will forever be of spirit. This tells me how precious my time here is and how much of a gift I’ve been given. To experience the human story also means to experience the contrasts that only we can experience at this time. They were meant to fully experience and enjoy.
5) I am so grateful for meeting some of the masters of The Secret in the past. My meeting them in person was meant for me to know their wisdom and to share it with others.
6) I am so fortunate to find the time each day for reflection and clarity. Whatever method works for me that day, meditation, visualization, tapping, breathing, etc. I find “it”, “it” finds me, and the connection to my best self is made.
7) I am so grateful that we are again beginning to realize that wealth comes in many forms, least of which is money. But we can choose to have it all. And that’s perfectly okay!
8) I am so grateful that I was able to meet with different groups yesterday. We gathered for different purposes but found common interests to discuss.
9) I am so grateful that we are all striving for change. Whether we make mistakes or not, the intention is deeply rooted in trying to make things better.
10) I am so grateful to feel joy for no other reason than to be in this state. There is no higher priority. The justification is merely to be happy.