28 Days of Magic #2

Hey, have you started??? If not, make today Day 1 For me, it’s Day 2 and I’ve also got my magical gratitude rock picked out! Okay!

Day 2 #28daysofMagic

1) I am so excited and grateful that I have attracted the right people with the right energy and mindset into my life. Things are coming into place!
2) I am so grateful for this beautiful sunset I am seeing off my balcony right now! Another beautiful day!
3) I am so grateful for having this time that I am privileged to feel such peace and calm, and wholeness right now. 
4) I am so grateful for experiencing my “human-ness” now, at this time, in this place. It helps me appreciate all that is, temporary and not so temporary, and I just don’t have to ask “why”.
5) I am so grateful for the clothes on my back and all the other things I get to have in my closet. Such a wonderful luxury!
6) I am so grateful I live in a city with such great transportation that I don’t have to drive to get anywhere.
7) I am so grateful to have had my parents. They raised me and loved me as best as they knew how. They gave their all for me.
8) I am so grateful to feel so alive right now! My age is only how I feel and it reflects upon my “reality”!
9) I am so grateful for all the coffee shops with all the free wifi connectability in this city! So many cups of java, so many ways to connect to the world anytime, anywhere!
10) I am super excited and grateful for all the “crazy” and awesome ideas that are flowing through my head right now! Some will lead to more value for others, some more wealth, and others more joy!