28 Days of Magic #19

Day 19 #28daysofMagic
Hey there! Day 19 of Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic and I am feeling it! Hope you are starting to as well. At least I hope you are beginning to believe that there is the possibility of a science behind getting the results you desire through gratitude. Apparently Albert Einstein had a way of ensuring the results of this equation as well. Have you followed his 100 steps of thank you’s? Here is my Day 19 list of gratitudes.
1) I am so grateful for people starting to rethink what their highest priorities are and how they should express this (me included). Working for a company, working for yourself, or networking – people are starting to make time to pursue their dreams and that’s such a great thing!
2) I am so grateful to have been taught that The Law of Attraction is more a science than a fairy tale, perhaps not like that of conventional chemistry or biology, but there are steps to manifest it definitely. Gratitude is the key that propels your dreams forward!
3) I am so grateful for simple routines that ground me every day. Meditation, saying good morning to my wife, my walks around town, etc. They give me certainty that everything is alright.
4) I am also so very grateful for the new and unexpected things that occur in my life, such as the new opportunities to build a business, the new people I meet, new places I wander into, and the spontaneous manifestation of money that comes into my life!
5) I am so grateful for the group of people I am working with now. Such diverse personalities and different levels of experience. But when we get together, it’s like we are always in unison!
6) I am so grateful that I never seem to run out of things to be grateful for! There is an unlimited supply!
7) I feel such gratitude for those around me that give me such support on this 28 day journey. Whether they are joining or watching and cheering me on, I appreciate the kind thoughts they shower me with.
8) I am so very grateful for who I am, what I stand for, what my purpose in this lifetime is, and everything about me. Sure, there were mistakes, but I would not do it any differently. This has been and is perfect!!!
9) I am so grateful to the gentleman who listened and showed so much interest in the hemp oil I was explaining to him. I wish for him the same or better results that I have been given in good health.
10) I am so grateful, period!!! I feel like something is on its way. Something BIG, and actually it’s already here, knocking on my door. And I keep on getting this wonderful feeling!