28 Days of Magic #18

Day 18 #28daysofMagic
So welcome to Day 18 if you’re following along. And if you are following along, why not join us? We’ve had a few more people start participating in the exercise, which is really designed for YOU to grow and manifest the things you want to see in your life. You’ll see that your participation not only helps you, but by helping others and sharing, your results actually can be much greater than you imagined. There’s always something about the collective energy of people in alignment with each other that makes such a powerful force! You’ll only know what I mean if you do it. Okay, on to Day 18. So as you probably know, the secret to The Law of Attraction, or the shortcut, if you will, is gratitude. As like attracts like, when you are grateful for the solutions as though you have them already, you will attract what you need. You have to be a magnet to the solution, not a magnet to the problem. So try the exercise for this day. Make a Magical To-do List of things or issues you need accomplished or solved. Choose three of the most important on that list and spend some time believing, imaging and seeing that they are done and feeling gratitude towards their completion. You can do it, yes you can! Buy the book, please (or Kindle version)! Here are my Ten Things I Am Grateful for Today:
1) I am so grateful for the lessons and examples I have learned from my friend Chris, who is a veteran online marketer. Learning from successful people helps to increase my success.
2) I am so grateful for the lessons and examples I have been taught by my friend James, who is also a very successful creator and marketer of online seminars, e-books, affiliate programs, and marketing services. You really know how to generate multiple streams of income! Thanks for the lessons!
3) I am so grateful for learning that I can outsource my designs and printing. It solves one of the more time-consuming and costly parts of an online retail business. Thank you!!!
4) I am so grateful for all the suggestions and guidance given to me over the years by Randy. You have helped to keep my proper perspective as well as bring new ideas and opportunities to me. 
5) I am so grateful for The Magic To Do List. I know I am accountable for getting each and every thing done, but by visualizing and feeling the top three accomplished every day, oftentimes those tasks seem to find a way to be resolved.
6) Besides the other businesses, I am so grateful to be able to represent a product here in Japan that has personally brought relief and clarity to me. 
7) I am still so grateful for the ability to transmit large files of data through the internet and have others be able to see them across the world in a matter of seconds. Many might take this for granted these days, but I am so grateful for it!
8) I must say I am so grateful for the never-ending, complex tasks being performed in my own body, day in and day out, 24 hours a day. You all work so hard to keep me going! 
9) I am so grateful for all the new issues I am handling today. This means that the old issues are resolved and I have moved on to master bigger and better challenges.
10) I am so grateful that each day I am reminded that there are people constantly desiring to grow and find new solutions. This give me great hope that the future can be different and better than today.