28 Days of Magic #16

Day 16 #28daysofMagic
Your health, the vehicle that carries you through life. I have no idea how old you are in human years, but there will come a time when your body can no longer just rid itself of toxins merely by itself because your organs are youthful and working well. At that prime age, you can also probably workout, and the effects on your metabolism and weight loss are pretty good as well. Unfortunately, from what I have experienced, you will inevitably age. Like an old car you may be driving, your vehicle accumulates dirt, parts get rusty, and the number of maintenance checks and tune ups increase. Eventually, your vehicle breaks down more often. One other reason that you vehicle can age faster is your driving habits. Abuse your vehicle, and you shorten its life. Same goes for your body. If you use cheaper gas, it may damage your emission system, and accumulate dirt in your engine. So to the extent you respect it and take good care of this vehicle you live your life in, or the opposite take it for granted, it will show up in how you look, as well as in your next medical checkup. My respect for my body in past years was rather nonexistent. I thought nothing about how the cinnamon roll with extra heavy cream cheese icing would affect me. Or how the more sugar I put in my latte would later take me to type 2 diabetes. Neither did my brother, but after years of eating plates and plates of pasta and ordering extra-large pizzas just for himself, it finally got to him. After taking insulin injections, but still ignoring the seriousness of his health, he collapsed at work right before Thanksgiving and had a stroke. Now he can no longer work. He can barely walk due to the stroke and losing the sense of feeling in his feet. In one short instance, his whole life changed. He is struggling to merely survive right now. He literally had half a lifetime or more to change his habits, but denied the respect, or rather, lacked the sense of gratitude for how these complex systems were taking care of things for him. So now I’ve seen through the example of my brother, as well as other members of my family, the value of good health. I believe having gratitude for good health, will translate to you placing great value on it, and that will attract to you good habits and less stress, and that will also reduce the number and amount of toxins (acids) you create from negativity, fear and worry. Hey, is it really going to kill you to think more positively and feel grateful for good health? I know where the opposite leads. 
Day 16 #28daysofMagic
1) I am so grateful for good health and the improvements I have made through alkalizing, adding more greens to my diet, exercising on a regular basis, tapping, taking supplements, drinking half my (pound)weight in water (in ounces), and choosing to view the world and situation from a more positive perspective. 
2) I am so grateful for how the force of gratitude has steered my life more towards the life I have always wanted to live. I can’t wait to see myself in six months, a year, five years, ten years!
3) To be alive is to feel life!!! I am so grateful for all the tools I have been given to “feel” life, my five senses, and all the complex systems that help this body run well.
4) I am so grateful for all the amazing examples of what health could be for me. So many people have taken on the quest to be fit and healthy. I see and learn from them.
5) I am so grateful I have a partner that keeps me on track. When I feel weak she is there to make sure that I keep my promise to myself.
6) I am so grateful to still be able to indulge once in a while. My health is so good, it still allows me to eat anything I want. I recognize balance is needed, but fun is a must!
7) I am so grateful for putting meditation into practice. It has reduced my stress levels and helped me to see things clearly. 
8) I am so grateful for all the health challenges that had been put before me. They were meant for me to participate and succeed in! The journey of good health may have started with these issues, but they were always meant to be overcome. Along the way, the knowledge and discipline I have gained helps me and helps others along the path.
9) I am so grateful for all the massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists and other specialists that help support and take care of my body. Their knowledge and methods of healing keep me going when I need that extra help.
10) I am so grateful the insurance system here in Japan helps to financially support my healthy lifestyle. This country has truly provided affordable healthcare.