28 Days of Magic #14

Day 14 #28daysofMagic
So this is Day 14 of Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic, and we are halfway there! I am so grateful for those who have been following me from the beginning. Do you believe you can influence how your day goes before it happens? We often have some plan for how we hope the day will go by making a list of things to do. If we can take care of the things we planned, we should probably feel pretty good, right? This whole exercise we have been adding the magic of gratitude to everything we want to see happen. It changes us from the inside out. And if you still think this is just “wishful thinking”, it is and more. But perhaps you still do not fully believe in its power. By pre-planning not just the activity but fully planning the outcome, and expressing gratitude for it as if it already happened, we immediately increase the chances of achieving it. This assignment I did mostly in my head, so I have nothing to show for it, but I have to tell you, it went pretty well. If you haven’t started giving The Magic a try, I hope you will see it can work for you from these posts. Here are the Ten Things I Thought of That I Am Grateful For today.
1) Thank you Dad, you came to mind today. Although we had our share of disagreements, and the last one, the final one, I was not able to say how sorry I was. I think I know that you saw past all that and just wanted me to be happy. I am so grateful for all your stories and your ways of helping me.
2) I am so grateful I was able to spend most of today with my wife. To be able to just spend time together and be with each other is worth more than money or time. 
3) I am so grateful for the new ideas that popped into my head today. Some may be far out, but some are also very achievable, albeit different, and can lead to some new opportunities.
4) Kermit, you also came to mind today. Although you have been gone from this Earth for many years, you were my best buddy for so long. No one was more loyal and unconditionally loving. Thank you for the lessons you taught me and the joy we shared.
5) I am so grateful for receiving all the comments and private messages while on this journey. You are like energy that keeps fueling me to continue to do better!
6) I am so grateful for this time that I spend writing this list. It has changed me. I feel so much more positive. I feel like I can do so much more.
7) I am so grateful for my friends, Mike, Carol, and Janet. You have been role models for me in pursuit of my happiness, guiding me along the way. Some of you have such huge followings now, and are understandably difficult to reach, but you still shine on and I see how you are. We will always be friends!
8) I am so grateful that this winter has given me much to think and sort out. I am also so grateful for the coming of spring and its renewal. It’s time to get all these ideas started! My energy is ready and I stand in clarity.
9) I am so grateful for the seminar I will be attending tomorrow. I know the information and the people I meet will be of such value to me and I will be of great value to others.
10) I am so grateful for every new day I have left on this Earth. Yes, we all die. So I will love whatever time I have left and make it as joyous as I can!