28 Days of Magic #12

Day 12 #28daysofMagic
Are there people you know that have greatly impacted your life? Maybe they supported your dreams, or maybe just the opposite, they crushed them to pieces but you persevered and made a success out of a near hopeless situation. Maybe there was someone in your life that inspired you, or again taking the opposite, pushed you to your very limits and made you see how far you could go. Both these types of people are blessings, whether directly or in disguise because they made you into the person that you are today. It doesn’t even have to be someone that you had direct contact with. There are plenty of people I’ve never met that have inspired me. Be very grateful for their lessons. So today, instead of my Ten Things I Am Grateful For list, which I’ve done but posting somewhere else, I am posting about the three people that have made a huge impact in my life. They aren’t the only people, but they are ones that come to mind at this time. Think about your life and who has been key in shaping it. 
1) Thank you Dad for truly believing in me. We had some pretty huge arguments, and I know you couldn’t fully understand what my vision was, but you never stopped me, only tested how deep my commitment was and then encouraged me to be my very best. And even if that vision wasn’t exactly made from the same mold as everyone else, that made no difference to you. You knew I could do anything I set my heart and mind to. So proud to have been your son.
2) Thank you Tony Robbins for your work and always “walking the talk”. You are truly genuine at making everyone that is in contact with you the best they can be. Overcoming fears, recognizing patterns, and discovering the formula for success in all areas of life, you have taught me, and millions of others, how to live with passion, purpose and fulfillment. 
3) To Vince and Dennis – you turds! But I mean that in the most respectful way!!! I quit my job, which also meant giving up my company housing to join you and the “trading company” you were starting in Tokyo. Little did I know I would be doing door-to-door sales. I hated every day, taking the first train in the morning at 5AM and often coming home on the last train. You broke me down, made me re-evaluate what I was made of. As a result, I found a new me, fearless, and the results came pouring in. You gave me a bunch of young, hungry recruits to train and do what I did, many ending up surpassing my records. If I had known what I do now at that time, I would have never joined you guys and Andrea. And I probably would have never found the strength I had hidden deep inside. When the shit hits the fan, I know that I can do what is necessary. I survived and am so much better for it! Nothing but love for you guys!!!