28 Days of Magic #11

Day 11 of Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic #28daysofMagic
Can you be grateful all day? Can you really feel grateful? As simple as today’s assignment seemed, it probably was one of the most challenging for me so far. I think I’m going to have to give it another try. I was distracted and influenced all day by things around me while walking and taking the train around Tokyo. I really had no idea how many times I was negatively affected by something so trivial like someone cutting in front of me to ride the escalator, someone accidentally swinging their bag into me and not noticing, people not giving up their seat for an elderly person (ignoring them and continuing to play games on their phone), or another person looking like they had the flu and coughing my way without covering their mouth. These small things all affected my mood and therefore the intensity that I felt gratitude, if any. On that note, it really does make a huge difference saying thank you starting first thing in the morning as you get out of bed. The positive momentum you carry with you can last for quite some time. At least I know my list for today will, as it has for the past ten days, steer me back in the right direction. So here it is:
1) I am so grateful for this exercise that Rhonda Byrne has created for us. It has opened my eyes to how much time my life was spent sabotaging myself. Now I am able to monitor and correct small differences which create huge results over time.
2) I want to thank all those who have supported me on this exercise. And I am so very grateful for those who have joined this 28-day exercise and have put faith in themselves. The energy has grown and serves us very well!
3) I am so grateful for the new ideas and energy I received from the Meetups I attend throughout the city. I get to meet new people and get new perspectives I may never have been able to realize by myself! 
4) I am so grateful my wife has been very diligent about going to the gym. I see her example and even if I don’t feel quite like going, somehow my feet get moving and I’m at the gym working out! 
5) I am so grateful for the many ways to make a living, and being able to make multiple streams of income. No matter what the mood of the economy is in, there are so many ways to feel safe, secure, grow and help others grow.
6) I am so grateful for the life training I have received so far and for the teachers who have been willing to tell their stories and teach how to break free from negative habits that don’t serve, and how to begin finding and taking action towards living the life that I truly want to live.
7) I am so grateful to have something to contribute to the world. I may not have something everybody wants, but I now know that there is definitely something I have that I can help others with. 
8) I am so excited and grateful to feel uncomfortable, because when I feel this way I know that a major shift, and some major learning and growth, are about to happen. 
9) I am so grateful to have this chance to re-evaluate myself, to make sure one more time that this is my true purpose, that this is what I truly desire and how to start moving forward.
10) I am so grateful to be where I am, in this situation I am currently in. Because I would never have been put in this situation if I could not use my resourcefulness and turn this into a great success.