28 Days of Magic #10

Day 10 #28daysofMagic
Well, it’s Day 10 of The Magic exercises. Hope you’re not tired of me doing this, because we’ve got 18 more days of this to go. I guess you’ll just have to unfriend me or something! Anyway, back to The Magic! Sometimes it helps to get help. And of course in order to get more help, it definitely does not hurt to express your gratitude to the other person for that help. In The Magic, Rhonda Byrne calls it “magic dust”, little expressions of gratitude for others who help you along the way. Whether you meet them in person, or in some other way, sprinkling “magic dust’ upon others will inevitably work to keep you appreciative of things whenever, wherever. And, of course, when you are in that beautiful state of gratitude, everything looks and feels so much better. I’ll buy that! So here we go with Day 10 #28daysofMagic
1) I am so grateful for all the things my wife does to keep us going every day. Whether it’s making breakfast, lunch, dinner or any meal, doing laundry, cleaning, making sure I am on time, I know it’s not always fun or easy for you. You used to be one of Chicago’s top realtors. The work you do for us, and the help you provide your mother is very meaningful. I do so appreciate it!
2) I am so appreciative of the three employees at Gold’s Gym that helped with my workout at the gym today. From taking my members card and signing me in, to the trainer that greeted me, to the janitor that always makes sure the equipment is clean and running. Most people don’t notice how smoothly things go because of you, but today, I did and I really am grateful for it!
3) I want to thank the person at the register at my local grocery store today for ringing me out. Not only did you do such a thorough and accurate job, the way you put my items from one basket to another was so careful, you made sure everything was handled carefully so as to not damage anything. 
4) I want to thank my new friends here in Japan that have brought a new opportunity my way. Your teamwork and sense of loyalty to one another has me committed to making this venture work and become successful for all of us.
5) I want to thank all of my old friends back in the USA for keeping in touch with me. Your voices and messages come right at the perfect time when I need them the most.
6) To the lady who cut in front of me in line, I send you my special “magic dust” and hope that your day went well. You must have been in a big hurry and I hope that wherever you needed to be, you were on time.
7) To the man who was yelling at the store employee while I was eating lunch in their café, I also send you special “magic dust” and hope that you found what you were looking for somewhere else. Whatever issue was bothering you at the time, you will be fine. You’ll see!
8) To the station attendants that have to direct and make sure thousands of riders on the train are safe, thank you for your hard work, especially at rush hour in the morning and at night. Thanks to you, thousands of families get to see their moms and dads come safely home for dinner.
9) I want to give my thanks to all those who told me “no” to any offer or new business I brought to them. In addition, if they said anything to try and dissuade me from pursuing my goals or sidetrack me from my dreams, thank you for the challenge. I send you my special brand of “magic dust” and help you on your own unique journey. Mine journey is mine to discover myself, and no one can tell me what is right for me except me. Thank you for reminding me and reinforcing this in me.
10) To all my teachers who have appeared at the most appropriate time, thank you for the lessons I have learned from you. You never had to tell me anything, only remind me of what I already know. But you had to be there at the right time and the right place for me to awaken. Thank you!